Danta Collective is the main youth portal in Costa Rica. We take photos, we write words and we throw parties. Nothing is off limits; if it interests us, we’ll throw it online for the world to see. With that being said; music, fashion, photography, art and action sports are our main pillars, examined through a cheeky “TICO” lens. We are a blanket of popular culture, driven by the traditions, music and art of the 90’s onwards.

Founded in 2017, our journey began with a unique vision: to ignite the passion within the next generation, transcending conventional paths. A haven for 21st-century artists, we specialize in personal branding, captivating live DJ sets, dynamic music videos, exclusive events, merchandise, and holistic guidance.

As time evolved, experience molded a vibrant community of skilled artists. Our team blends creativity and technical finesse, crafting a synergy that brings visual concepts to life. We’re a disruptive force, unwavering in our commitment to top-tier quality.

Our signature lies in weaving impactful stories through art and music. This is how we sprinkle visual enchantment, pioneering a new realm of creative expression. Since inception, we’ve dared to be different.